Building Your High End Custom Home - Flower Mound, TX
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Building Your High End Custom Home in Flower Mound, Texas

high end custom homes

25 Apr Building Your High End Custom Home in Flower Mound, Texas

High End Custom Homes in Flower Mound, Texas

Owning one’s own home has always played a huge part of the American dream. There are millions of homes out there already built—some have people living in them, while others are empty, just waiting for a new buyer to move in, arrange the furniture, and call the place home. There are also empty lots that only need someone with imagination and a dream to design their new custom home and build it.

And that’s where you come in. No matter where you live now, if you want to build a high end custom home in Flower Mound, Texas, the Saddlewood area is the place to do it, and our builders are the ones to do it for you.

If you’re in the market for a custom build home, there are a variety of home styles to consider to get you started. These include split level, multiple stories, ranch style, Santa Fe style, rambler, Victorian, Queen Anne, bungalow, Tudor, colonial, Georgian, and contemporary, just to name some of them. And different homes can have different features. For example, you can have sliding glass doors, an Arizona room, French doors, a gable over the front door, a front or back porch, attached or detached garage, a “smart” home, a “green” home, a full or partial basement, wood or gas-burning fireplaces, lofts, and more.

Not only do you get to decide the exterior look of your home when you build a custom home, you get to decide what things will look like on the inside too. You can have high, vaulted ceilings and step down floors. Perhaps you choose beautiful, shiny hardwood floors or soft, plush, luxurious carpeting. Do you want heated floors to keep your feet warm in the winter? Do you want the bedrooms all upstairs, all downstairs, or split equally among floors? Will you have a great room to entertain guests? How about a movie room with theater-style seating? Your choices are open when you design your own custom home.

And then there is your yard to go with your home. Designing your yard and landscape can make your high end custom home even more unique. From a swimming pool and hot tub with fountains and waterfalls, to custom play yards for your children, to vegetable gardens and dog runs, you get to let your imagination run wild. What plants, flower, shrubs, bushes, and trees will you plant, and where? Will you have rock formations? Will you have a wall or fence around your property, and what will it look like? Will it be made of brick, block, chain link wire, wood, or vinyl? Will your gate be ornate or simple?

Regardless of what you decide to do with your yard, or what design you want for your custom built home, be sure you hire an experienced high end custom home builder who does quality work and has your best interest in mind. Some homes can be expensive and look great, but be built cheaply. If you’re planning to build a high end custom home in Flower Mound, don’t be fooled by these types of builders. Instead, be sure that you hire the best: custom home builders who will do quality work, such as those found at Saddlewood Flower Mound.

If you are looking for professionals who build High End Custom Homes in Flower Mound, then be sure to contact Saddlewood Flower Mound today!

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